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  1. subtlepen:

insecurity does a mindfuck on most women - including screwing up our enjoyment of sex and intimacy.

Agree, with one exception.  I want it to be totally good for ME, because If it is, he will get off too.


    insecurity does a mindfuck on most women - including screwing up our enjoyment of sex and intimacy.

    Agree, with one exception. I want it to be totally good for ME, because If it is, he will get off too.

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  2. thefashionlifee:





    Oh my god the NOTES



    The most notes i’ve ever seen o.O

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  3. theatlantic:

    Scenes from the ‘Million Hoodie March’ for Trayvon Martin

    The family of Trayvon Martin joined thousands of demonstrators, who teamed up with Occupy Wall Street, to march across New York City last night to protest the shooting death of the Florida teenager. The “Million Hoodie March,” as it was dubbed, was organized to show support for the Martin family and call for the arrest of the George Zimmerman, the man who shot and killed Martin last month, but has not been charged after claiming self-defense. Martin’s parents spoke to crowd to thank them for their support and continue to push for chages to be filed against Zimmerman. Martin’s mother Sabrina Fulton told the gathered protesters that “My son is your son.”

    After the formal demonstration ended, the protest — buoyed in part by the Occupy Wall Street supporters angry over recent clashes with the NYPD — evolved into a general anti-police rally. Much of the anger surrounding the Martin case has shifted from the shooter to the Sanford, Florida, police department that seems to have let him off the hook. 

    The protesters marched from Union Square to Times Square and back, where they encountered a massive police prescence, with lines of NYPD officers and barricades blocking off most of the park. Despite the ominous and aggresives stances from both the police and the protesters, the night ended calmly with no major confrontations. 

    See more. [Images: AP, Reuters, Meg Robertson]

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  4. What is more troubling than this oddly timed debate about birth control is the vehemence with which I have seen women needing to justify or explain why they take birth control—health reasons, to regulate periods, you know, as if there’s anything wrong with taking birth control simply because you want to have sex without that sex resulting in pregnancy. In certain circles, birth control is being framed as whore medicine so we are now dealing with a bizarre new morality where a woman cannot simply say, in one way or another, “I’m on the pill because I like dick.”

    The Alienable Rights Of Women - The (via rachelfershleiser)

    It would be lovely, too, if more men said, “My partner is on the pill because I like pussy.”

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    ^ that is actually what we need more of

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    this is exactly like when we try to explain 2nd trimester abortions to antis by saying “OH WELL THEY HARDLY EVER HAPPEN”

    fuck that shit! we don’t need to fit their framework, we need to fucking shatter it.

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    it would be even more amazing, if we didn’t have to justify jack fucking shit to ANYBODY, regardless of the medical choices we make for ourselves.  I’m on the pill because NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS WHY, that’s why.

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    (via subtlepen)

  5. sonnet394tobrandon:

    But you’ve also made a fool out of me, and you’ve made the life I lead foolish, too.

    Why couldn’t you just buy two necklaces, Harry?

    Emma was perfection here.

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  6. 278,961 plays
    Lily Allen - Fuck You
  7. Republicans have staked out a position that requires that they lie, 24/7, 365. Not shade the facts their way. Not put their own spin on the situation. Lie. Big, sloppy, and constantly.


    The lies go beyond instantly dismissible claims like President Obama being the “food stamp president” (why you have to go back one whole administration to discover that more people joined the food stamp ranks under Bush than Obama, but then the Republicans don’t seem to remember Bush in any case). The blatant lies extend through every aspect of the Republican platform, such as it is. The simple reason is that the Republicans have no ideas left, at least no ideas that have not been tested and proven to be failures again, and again, and again.

    The economy didn’t just crash under a Republican president, it crashed under Republican policies. It crashed with low taxes. It crashed with deregulated markets. It crashed with huge restrictions on union activity. It crashed with massive cuts in environmental regulations. It crashed with lowered trade barriers. It crashed with big fat Pentagon spending.

    They got what they wanted. They got CEOs with no limits on their wealth. They got banks with no limits on their “creativity.” They got trade agreements that guaranteed manufacturing could be moved to the dirtiest, cheapest, most desperate source available. They got massive cuts in capital gains taxes and equally large boosts in the wealth they could pass along in estates. They got everything they said would make us all wealthy. They got record oil and gas drilling. They got record giveaways of public land. They got everything they said would create jobs. They got the middle class to shoulder more, more, more of the burden so that those beautiful job creators would be free to work their magic.

    They can’t say the economy crashed because taxes went up, because they didn’t. They can’t say that the economy crashed because there was a raft of new regulation, because there wasn’t. They can’t blame it on “union thugs” or Saul Alinsky or the guy who writes Happy Holidays cards at Hallmark. They can’t blame it on a president who was elected when the world was already in free fall. Only, of course they do. They say it because they have no choice.

    For the same reason that they have to maintain that global warming is the creation of a conspiracy of scientists, and that evolution is a conspiracy of other scientists, and that gay marriage is a threat to “traditional” marriage. They have to lie about the threat of illegal immigrants. Lie about the state of the national debt. Lie about the effects of the President’s health care plan. They have to lie, because lies are all they have left.

    Needs to be heard…again and again and again.  Maybe if we repeat the truth often enough people will actually believe it.  Fire with fire.

  8. Pretty much my reason for liking “30 Seconds to Mars”…because ‘duh’…it’s Jordan Catalano.

    Pretty much my reason for liking “30 Seconds to Mars”…because ‘duh’…it’s Jordan Catalano.

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  9. mariahajile:




    Was it ever hard?

    I’d ask the same question… except I wouldn’t be kidding. ;P

    It’s posts like these that I am soooo glad I work from home!  His reaction is priceless!  Mine was just loud.

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  10. ahstheories:

    foiled-again answered your question: Who would you like to see join the cast of AHS?

    Alan Cumming, let’s face it he’s awesome. I’d like for him to be like a villian, like good at first but slowly corrupted by the house.

    That would be rather amazing. I like this.

    *nod, nod*

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  11. thefadingsmile:

    The Last Time by Carina Round Directed by Scott Rhea (by carinaround)

    Perfection x

  12. lonewolfnikki:

    It Is Happening Again - Blood Red Shoes

    Can’t get enough of this band…

  13. spasian-invasion:

    The Legend of Korra ~ Official Trailer

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  14. snapeismyking:

    Why can’t Game of Thrones just come back on now.


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